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johnie harward(non-registered)
Awesome photos , if you could display description of the photo like Location ,camera , lens , focal length , zoom etc . that would be awesome . some photos are stunning
K S Yoong(non-registered)
Really lovely photos.
Great work.
GOD's creation is awesome, and you've captured some pieces of it beautifully. (See U at Santee Lakes sometime.)
Did you snap that tiger over near Lindo? Your down stroke in flight photos are incredible. When that perfect moment in time happens I always wish my eyes were the shutters of a camera, able to share that shot with others, and not just my soul alone. I do alot of parrot watching, observing, and when I have a camera people usually stop and ask what I'm shooting. It's as a rule no more than 6 feet from their faces. They aren't even aware. Crazy.
Mike Modiano(non-registered)
Congrats on the impressive photos Mike. Enjoyed the article in The San Diego Tribune.
Lady Adie(non-registered)
The detail was outstanding. Your choice of "in-flight" action was a unique perspective and I especially enjoyed the shots with mirrored reflections in the water. What a talent and gift you have. Thanks for sharing!
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